Friday, December 9

Hootenanny Pancakes

My sister introduced me (via phone) to Hootenanny Pancakes
 (aka German Pancakes or Puffy Oven Pancakes) yesterday.  
And after she sent me this tantalizing picture...
...I decided we had to try it too.  It was so yummy-- buttery, salty, sweet and crispy. 
Super easy!

Thursday, December 1

Birthday Tablecloth

 I came across this family tablecloth over at She Wears Many Hats.  I love it, and have decided to tweak the idea a little and start a birthday tablecloth!  And it's just in time, because my 3yr old is going to become a 4yr old in just a few days!  I'm going to have her trace her hand and write her name with a pencil, and date it.  Then I will embroider over the top of the pencil marks.  One birthday at a time seems pretty manageable to me.  You could also do this with fabric markers, but I like the permanence of embroidery.