Friday, April 6

Easter Bonnet

Well... I kind of fizzled out on the photo-a-day challenge, but it was fun while I was doing it.
Now Easter is here, and I thought I would share this cute Easter Bonnet our 4yr old made at preschool. Every holiday they have a parade around the school (for all the parents and such) and they always dress up.  Our class made easter bonnets for the girls and top hats for the boys.  
To make the bonnets, they use a paper bowl, a thick paper plate, and some construction paper.  They cut a hole (a little smaller than the bowl) in the plate and glued those together.  The picture below explains it better-- the point is to get a nice rounded shape to fit on their heads.  Then they glued pieces of construction paper to form the brim, and trimmed into a wide circle (with a hole in the middle a little smaller than the plate).  They painted the outside of the bowl and plate, and decorated the brim with ribbons, stickers and glitter.  The final step was to staple some elastic on for a chin strap.  So cute-- and surprisingly sturdy.  

Coming up tomorrow, an alphabet/pre-reader game...