Tuesday, February 9

Frames Wallpaper

Is this crafty enough for you S. J. O.?

Frames Wallpaper: "“No drawing on the walls” is one of the NOs you cover as soon as you hand your child their first crayon. The Frames Wallpaper pretty much throws that right out the window! This unique wallpaper available from The Land of Nod, actually encourages kids to draw, color and paint inside the hundreds of empty frames."



Details, details

  • One 56 square foot double roll (double refers to it being one oversized roll)
  • Roll is 11 yards by 20.5"
  • Fade resistant, durable 150 gsm paper
  • Requires wallpaper paste to hang (not included)
  • Instructions included
  • Adult installation recommended

1 comment:

  1. VERY Cute!! Ok, Very well done! This is great! I love this- and it's something I would totally buy. I also loved the toadstool but it's more $$$ than what I want.