Wednesday, April 21

Thank You!

Just want to say a big thank you to all the people in my neck of the woods who are spring cleaning!
It means that you are leaving things like this:
outside on the curb! Where strangers like me, who've been wanting a kiddie sized picnic table, can pick it up late at night after dropping off the babysitter! After a good hosing down, and a couple of coats of spray paint it looks like this:

And thank you to the people who gave one of our local thrift stores this little shelving unit
it may be a little faded by the sun, but it will hold our shoes, or art supplies, or my growing stash of fabric just fine! Maybe it was the same person who donated this item:

Barbie's Dream Boudoir...
...complete with the sofa that turns into the bed...

...And bathroom!

I'm sure it was hard to get rid of-- but it has a new home! And it will be well loved.

Thank You!!!

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