Thursday, June 3

Alphabet Door

One of the best things to come out of our 5 year old's preschool experience this past year- is our Alphabet Door!
Over the course of the year, the pre-k kids worked on the alphabet. They made "posters" (they are each a half-sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 construction paper) for each of the letters.
I decided to save them, and put them up on the sliding door in our kitchen. And while it isn't exactly the decor I would choose for my kitchen (!)- it's definitely helped both of our girls learn the alphabet!
When our 5 year old sits at the kitchen table doing her "homework" she uses the wall to remind herself how to write the lowercase letters. Our 2 year just stands at the door, touching (and picking) at the letters, and singing the alphabet song while randomly pointing at different letters.
So if you are looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer start working on your own alphabet wall/door/book! When we finally take it down I will hole punch it and put a couple of rings in it to turn it into a book. Incase you can't tell what they are each made out of here is a list:
A- Aluminum Foil
B- Beans (could also use Buttons)
C- Cotton Balls
D- Dirt
E- Elastic
F- Fingerprints
G- Glitter
H- Hearts (might be fun to use this doll Hair)
I- Ink
J- Jello (I guess they used it like paint)
K- Kernels of corn
L- Lace
M- Macaroni
N- Newspaper
O- Oatmeal
P- Paint
Q- Q-Tips
R- Rice
S- Sunflower Seeds
T- Tissue Paper
U- for this one they just made a whole bunch of Us.
V- Velcro
W- Watercolors
X- same as U they just wrote small Xs.
Y- Yarn
Z- the Zip part of Ziplock bags.

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