Friday, March 2

Girls Day

Girls Day is tomorrow... but I had to share this cute craft the 4 yr old brought home from preschool today.  What's Girl's Day? It's a Japanese holiday to celebrate the girls in the family (boy's day is May 5th)- and it's celebrated here in Hawaii.  You can read about it here, here or here.

To make these cute dolls, they cut out the hair piece, and then glued on the u-shaped face piece.
Then they wrapped a toilet paper roll with a solid colored piece of construction paper.  They cut out 2 sleeves and taped them on.  Most of the other kids picked fancy origami paper to make the waist sash and bow (mine wanted hers to be all pink).  Then they taped the head onto the inside of the roll, and added decorations to everything.  The mini fan is taped on to the back of the sleeve.
Easy, quick and fun. I love crafts that you can make with materials you have on hand.

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