Thursday, December 10

Sushi Roll in a Bowl

We tried something new for dinner tonight:

Except some of us didn't eat it in a bowl. Instead we wrapped it up and ate it in roll.

We served up rice, carrots, cucumbers, nori sheets, rice seasoning (chopped nori and toasted sesame seeds), eggs (omelet style, cut in thin strips) and your choice of soy or teriyaki sauce. Oh and teriyaki fried Spam. What can I say... we live in Hawaii. My family likes Spam.

So... the pros: a fun, hands-on meal. Our older daughter had a great time putting together her meal, picking and choosing what she wanted in her sushi roll. Any meal that gets my kids excited about eating veggies is a winner! The cons: next time we'll swap the Spam for grilled teriyaki chicken, won't forget the avocado, and need to get some Japanese mayo.

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