Wednesday, December 30

The Cake Girl

Sunday afternoon at our house is usually devoted to the Food Network Challenge show. We especially love the cake shows. And it has rubbed off on our 4 year old. So when I saw this on sewmamasew I knew I had to make it for her for Christmas.

I never found a box to put it in so I just left it out. On Christmas morning, she walked right past all the other presents and went straight to it, and exclaimed "A WEDDING CAKE!". Yay! She gets it and likes it!

I bought some plastic people to go on the cake at the same shop that sold the foam cake dummies. They are a big hit! The layers I have here are 6" and 8". I have a 10" layer to add, and a lot more felt to make in different colors and shapes. I think I'll add to it as she gets bored with what she's got. The 8" layer is cut into wedges, which we've been served over and over...

Thank you Lier at ikat bag!!!

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