Tuesday, March 9

I've been...

I've been doing some sewing- but since it's all gifts, I'm going to wait till after the gifts have been opened to post about it.
I've been doing some reading, LOTS of reading... I have a good system where I go to my Goodreads account, pick 3 or 4 books on my to-read list, click over to my local library online catalog, and request the books. I am always reading a book, have another one on my nightstand,
a couple being gathered at the library.
I've also been cleaning up graffiti marks. Check out these fun Window Crayons from Crayola.
("It's us at the waterpark!")
They come in 5 colors. They wash off of windows really easily. The girls love them.

But be warned: If you don't pay attention,
these may turn your children into budding graffiti artists.
You may walk out onto your lanai one day, and be greeted with this:
Sad faces that won't wash off your railing. (no I haven't tried a magic eraser yet... I ran out! But I'm pretty sure it will take it off).

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