Tuesday, May 25

The 10-minute Skirt Projects

Ok, so maybe they were more like 15 minutes projects. It seems like there have been a lot of blog posts about making skirts recently... so I've had skirts on the brain.
First, I found some cute waffle-ish (I don't know the technical name for it but it's light and bumpy) fabric at Walmart with a double border. I cut the fabric in half, and sewed up the sides. Then I folded the bottom over twice and hemmed it up.
Next, I folded over the top, making sure the elastic band would fit snugly inside.
After measuring the elastic around my 5 year old's waist, I used a safety pin and threaded the elastic through the waistband. Then I sewed the elastic together. For some reason whenever I use elastic, it always ends up too loose, so I have to cut off a couple of inches of elastic and sew it back together. My point? Make sure you try the skirt on one last time before you sew the waistband shut.
And now give yourself a pat on the back-- your skirt is done!

My second project involved a hula skirt that I had found at a thrift store. (No! I don't mean a grass skirt!)
It looked like it would fit a 10-12 year old, so I thought I might be able to turn it into a cute dress for my 5 year old. I had a smallish piece of another Hawaiian print in green and white, so even though the greens do not match AT ALL, I decided to use this to make some sleeves. I cut 2 pieces roughly 15" x 6". Sorry about the wrinkles... I just didn't feel like ironing!
Then I hemmed the long sides, and gathered the short sides so that the ends were about 2".
Then I put the dress on my daughter, and pinned the sleeves in place.
I sewed them down, and they ended up looking a little like cap sleeves.
I wanted to tie the "sleeve fabric" in some other way, so I used the rest of it to make a flower, and sew it on. She wore it to school today- I guess it passed the test!

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