Sunday, May 9

Year of the Quilt

I love quilt shows! I find them so inspiring- and am always in awe (and a little jealous!) of the talent and creativity exhibited. A few days ago a friend and I went to the Hawaii Quilt Guild show and it did not disappoint. They even quilted the trees!
One of my favorite things about living in Hawaii has been learning about the history and culture of the islands. I love how people celebrate the Hawaiian culture through quilts! Here are some of my favorite quilts:

"Kuu Hae Aloha Mae...My Beloved Flag Forever" by Patricia Lei Murray. This quilt is a tribute to Queen Lili'uokalani. You can read her story here or here.

"Princess Ka'iulani" by Monika Scola
a close-up of some of the beautiful 3D details
I think it's a good likeness.
image taken from Maui Celtic.

"Naupaka by the Sea" by Emma Jean Mader. In this picture, she is actually working on it's twin!

"Swimming Honus" by Debby Gayagas. Can you spot the turtles?

"Paradise of Birds" by Shirfeir Sunada

"Celebrating Aloha" by Patricia Lei Murray

"The President's Quilt" by Marion Speers

I also love quilts that show a sense of humor like the
"I Love Pizza" quilt by Melede Gerwig
Here's a closer look... I need this in my kitchen!

and "Sweet Dreams" by Betty Sestak
This quilt was made for her 18-yr old granddaughter who is off to college this fall. It still makes me laugh! What a fun grandma!

I love the different points of view...
"Circle of Friends" by Shirfeir Sunada
vs. "Sakura Ninja" by Barbara Alama

and finally...
I love Christmas quilts!
"2009 Christmas Tree and Santa" by Doris Tando. (The Santa was on the back)

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