Monday, May 30

Back in March one of my favorite bloggers Lier from ikat bag, wrote this great post about cardboard. If you read her blog, you know the AMAZING things she has made with cardboard for her kids. I read the post and knew that it was a bit beyond my abilities right now... however it did make me take a second glance at the cereal boxes I was regularly throwing away.

So when my 3 year old asked me to turn the baby's bathtub into a car, I thought "Ahhah! Cardboard!". So I started cutting and by the time we were done it had gone from Car to Boat to Rocket Ship!
This year we got 2 Flat Stanleys in the mail from cousins. If you're not familiar with Flat Stanley- it's a book about a boy how gets flattened by a bulletin board, and then goes on trips around the world via the mail.

If you should happen to host a Flat Stanley, please show him around your town, take lots of pictures and send him back to where he came from. The girls had a great time "hosting" Flat Stanley- and wanted to make their own. So with a little help from Costco, we brought home some huge sheets of (free!) cardboard and made our very own life-size Flat People! Presenting:
We traced the girls' body shapes onto the paper, and then let them decorate (or in this case I decorated according to the 3yr old's instructions). The best thing about cardboard? When the playing is done it goes in the trash!

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