Tuesday, January 5


Before I move on to 2010, I just have to post about two Christmas presents my kids received. We are VERY blessed with family and friends who are generous with our kids, and every year we are excited and grateful for the great presents our kids receive from them. This year we got a great mix of store-bought and homemade presents.
Here are two examples:

Cheese and Mouse
My sister made this for our 2 year old, but we all play with it. Basically, a wedge of "swiss cheese" made of wood, complete with holes, and a little "mouse" on a string to thread through the holes. My sister got the idea from this friend of hers, and I love it! Great for fidgety fingers! I think it's pretty simple to make- if you have the right tools, although I'm baffled as to how the string is attached to the cheese and mouse. Glue? She also used food coloring to dye it just incase it gets chewed on. Thoughtful huh?

Next up is: Doodle All Year by Taro Gomi.
This book is awesome. I want one for me! The book is broken down into seasons- and it has just enough prompts to get the 4yr old started, but still enough room that she can go beyond the simple instructions if she wants to. Thanks to my sister-in-law for this one...

This is just a taste of what my kids' Christmas was like, and I think in the next few weeks I will post more samples of fun stuff we like.
Just want to say a big THANK YOU once again for all the fantastic goodies we got!!

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  1. Glad you liked the cheese! To get the string to stay in:
    First drill a hole a little bigger than the string. Squeeze in some glue or epoxy and insert the string. Then we stuck a toothpick in as a wedge. Let it dry, then cut off the part of the toothpick hanging out. So far it has withstood the kiddos. Shoelaces work great, yarn does not. Hope that helps!
    Love the blog by the way, just get crackin' and add some more stuff ;-)