Sunday, January 24

Tomato Soup

I tried another Pioneer Woman soup last night. It's delicious! Click here to get the recipe. Or you could do what I did and just buy her cookbook. Last night's soup was the Sherried Tomato Soup. Here's what I did differently though... I left out the sherry, swapped the heavy cream with half and half, and used dried parsley and basil instead of fresh. I also pureed the onions and diced tomatoes, because I like my soups smooth, not chunky. And it was still delicious. I served it up with grilled Gruyere cheese sandwiches, and it was SO GOOD. Even Josh, who isn't much of a soup eater, liked it! It's super easy, quick and yummy. Make it. Tonight!

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  1. Actually, she got the cookbook from her husband for Christmas. I just emailed Santa to make sure he noted her omission.