Saturday, August 21

Pancakes for Dinner!

Has anyone else read this book?
My grandmother used to read this to me and my little sister when we'd visit her in the summer, and it has always been a favorite of mine. So when I started building my own collection of children's books I made sure I had a copy of this book!

Tonight we had pancakes for dinner, and I thought I would share my yummy recipe for Cottage Cheese Pancakes! Back in college, I had a roommate who made fantastic cottage cheese pancakes. I never got the recipe from her, but I did eventually find one in this cute little book:
The recipe is for Norwegian Cottage Cheese Pancakes! Over the years I've tweaked it a bit. The original recipe calls for rye flour, melted butter, and says that you should blend the batter smooth. I like my cottage cheese unblended! So here's my version of their recipe:

1 Cup cottage cheese (I like the fat free large curd kind)
6 (!!) eggs
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 Cup flour
1/3 Cup applesauce (or 1/3C melted butter)

Place all the ingredients in a bowl
and mix by hand until well blended.
On a medium hot pan, and spoon and then spread the batter a little.
Unlike regular "fluffy" pancakes you won't get all the little bubbles to tell you when to flip. Instead, you'll see a few bubbles around the edge, but also notice that the edges start to look 'dry'. That's when it's time to flip. See all the brown spots on the cooked side in the picture below? Those are cottage cheese curds that have crisped up. YUM.
These are not like your normal pancakes, they are much more moist and don't rise at all.
The combination of the cottage cheese and syrup makes the yummiest salty/sweet combination.
p.s. this is the other reason I like my cottage cheese UNblended:
Now cover in syrup and Enjoy!!

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