Tuesday, August 31


I've never done a Quilt-a-long, but I love the idea. I've come across a couple of them that have just started up, and are very tempting.
Check out the first one a Baby Clothes Quilt Along over at Vermillion Rules. I'm not quite done with all of our baby clothes, but will definitely bookmark this for a someday project! This quilt along is only on week 2 so it's not too late to join in.
The second quilt-a-long is just getting started at Oh Fransson and it's a Tokyo Subway Map! It would be great (I wouldn't even know how to start) to be able to adjust this to your subway map of choice. After living in London I would definitely choose this one:


  1. I think we need to have a quilt-a-long where we have to sew 10 squares a week or something like that so one day we actually finish our quilts we started. The only catch is that we probably have to start in January because my quilt pieces are in storage at the moment and you have craft shows to sew for. :)