Monday, September 6

You are the Winner!

A few days ago I got up and checked my email, and was greeted by this message:
"You are the Winner!". And the best news is- it was for real!! I won a giveaway!!! And it was an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!
It's full of beautiful pictures...
a little sewing history...
and 25 awesome projects!
The best part for me (being an instant-gratification kind of a sewer) is all the one day projects!
If you want to see a full list of all the projects in the book, go to Amazon and check out the Table of Contents! (I love that Click to Look Inside feature). Now the book in itself is a great prize, but to top it all off- Kathy Miller from Michael Miller Fabric added 5 (!!!!) yards of the fabric of your choice to the giveaway. Narrowing down which fabric I wanted from their amazing collections was not easy :) but I finally did it, and a couple of days ago it all came in the mail.
First up is Climbing Lantern Pods by Laura Gunn. I have the green version and have been wanting the turquoise version...
then Poppy Silhouette- also by Laura Gunn
Hummingbirds by Patty Young (you can't tell from the bad lighting in my picture, but the background is white)
And finally two coordinating Christmas Prints from MM's Funky Christmas collection. I've been eyeing this since last Christmas, and decided it will be perfect for some cute Christmas outfits for the girls!
Santa Yule Trees
and Santa Play Dot
And finally just because they are nice over at MM they threw in one of their cute gnome bags:
My kids especially love the baby gnome on the back:
A BIG thanks to Judi Ketteler and Kathy Miller- they totally made my week!

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  1. Wow! I love the Christmas fabrics. How fun!!!