Wednesday, September 29

Recycled Crayons

Do you have a lot of broken crayons? Do you have a child like mine- who delights in peeling the paper off crayons? Don't despair! Hold on to them and you can make...... Recycled Crayons! :)
A couple of weekends ago, my girls were BORED so I decided I'd finally saved up enough broken crayon bits to try out Recycled Crayons. The 'recipe' I decided to go with is this one from Make & Takes. I had a cheap muffin pan that I decided to sacrifice, but there are lots of different ways to make them, like this one that uses a microwave and candy molds, or this one that uses a heart shaped silicon ice cube tray. The hearts are really cute- especially if you used them for these Valentine's Day cards! Ok... enough tangents.
Here are the crayons all melted (note: in the Make & Take instructions she said to cook them about 7-8 minutes, ours took almost twice as long to get completely melted). To speed up the re-hardening process I filled up the bottom tray and empty cups with ice cubes.
Here are the finished products: (after a couple of them got broken from super vigorous usage). We love them!
And's the Crayon Peeler using her new recycled crayons.

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  1. That is on my list of future projects. Looks like fun.